Activities and Events near Lima
Day 13
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  Lima, Peru's capital, is overcrowded, polluted, noisy and often has wretched weather. Nevertheless, the inhabitants are friendly and hospitable, opportunities for dining and nightlife are ample and the city has a great selection of museums. A project is now underway to restore the city's colonial center, so Lima may be a lot lovelier in the near future. Attractions include the Museo de Oro del Peru, which has numerous artefacts of gold, silver and precious stones, and the Museo Nacional de Antropología y Arquelogía, which is noted for its excellent exhibits of prehistoric Peru. Churches such as San Francisco (famous for its catacombs) and Santo Domingo (circa 1540) provide a welcome respite from the outside clamor. Lima's many markets, including Polvos Azules, overflow with consumer goods and handicrafts. There are also plazas, lovely colonial buildings and a zoo. Inexpensive accommodation can be found in the city center. The suburb of Barranco has a number of cheap restaurants and live music venues and is very popular with backpackers. The suburb of Miraflores has the city's best stores, restaurants and nightspots.
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  We'll drive to the airport in Cusco this morning to catch the flight to Lima. Upon arrival, we're met and transferred to the Jose Antonio Hotel. Lunch is on your own. This afternoon we'll join our local guide for a tour of the renowned Gold Museum whose private collection of pre-Columbian artifacts is one of the best and most extensive in the world. The late afternoon is unstructured to allow time for personal shopping or sightseeing in the coastal suburb of Miraflores. Later this evening we'll join our local guide for a special criollo farewell dinner at one of the city's fine restaurants. (CB,D)
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  We took the tourist train back to Cusco and the following morning we flew to Lima. It reminds us of Los Angles. A very large, spread out city on the Pacific Ocean. There are many people and the smog was strong. We went on a city tour of an ecentric mans museum of gold, textiles, and weapons. The collection was hugh, but totaly unorganized and mislabled.
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Cusco Airport

Reassuring when the airport arrival/departure screen is crashing, huh?
Lima's Gold Museum
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We departed and headed to the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum). The entrance fee was prohibitive at S/- 20 (US $7). No Photography of any kind is allowed inside the Museum. In addition to the gold artifact collection, the museum contains artifacts depicting practices (of the Incas and other ancient people of these lands) that would not be on display in a museum in the US (due to the graphic nature of these practices).

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