Activities and Events near Cucso
Day 9
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  Leaving Cusco after breakfast, we'll drive northwest across the highlands to the Andean market town of Chinchero (12,335'), enjoying a panoramic view of the snow-capped Urubamba range. The sparkling summits of Mount Veronica and Pitusiray, which are both more than 18,000 feet high, provide a particularly breathtaking vista in the morning light. Chinchero is a charming community that combines both Incan and colonial architecture. We’ll observe this as we enter the main plaza with its massive Inca wall with ten trapezoidal niches upon which was later built a lovely cathedral that now houses an excellent collection of colonial artwork. In town we'll catch the start of the weekly market as produce vendors set up their blankets covered with goods for sale. We’ll observe Indians from neighboring communities and farms coming into town and notice that they follow the age-old tradition of trueque, a system of exchange similar to bartering, when dealing among themselves. After this introduction to the market, we'll visit the nearby ruins of Inca Yupanqui's palace and then have the chance to purchase some of the many items that are sold in the handicraft market. Later, we'll join a local weaver's family in the courtyard of their home for a typical highland lunch after which our hosts will demonstrate the Andean weaving process which has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. We'll watch as wool is carded and spun, then dyed, and finally learn about the different techniques used to create ponchos, belts, or fajas, and shawls, or mantas. We'll return to the Picoaga Hotel (or similar) in Cusco in the late afternoon. Dinner is on your own this evening to try one of the city’s many excellent restaurants. (CB,L)
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We visited the town of Chincero seeing more Inca ruins and Spanish church. Market for the villagers and a lunch in family's home followed by a demonstration of weaving in the courtyard. Muy interesting day, and at a slower pace than the city. The coutry is very quiet and relaxing. Gary and I prefer the country instead of the city.

Tomorrow we leave for Machu Picchu. We spend the first night in Ollatanbo and then to Machu Pichhu. I am looking forward to seeing Inca Ruins that the Spanish hadn't gotten to. Most of the Ruins we have seen are estimated that we are only seeing 5% of the orginal ruins. This 5% is about as big as a large stadium in the states. When comparing Peru to Bolivia. Peru more advanced and has tourist traps. Most all people wear western clothes of pants and shirts. The street vendors are aggressive are every where you walk. We learned a few phrases to keep them at bay and mostly a strong wave of the hand will stop their requests. compro para mi, Amiga. Bolivia is slower in the people and the pace. Most people wear their traditional clothes and the vendors never approach you. So far I like Bolivia's pace and style better.


We went to Chinchero, yet another Church built on top of a Incan temple and again the Incans mixed their religion into the Church (very clever people) The mountains are very steep in S America so to farm they build LOTS of terraces. Dad, I'll send pictures so you will be ready if you get the urge to redo the hill. We then went to a local home for lunch. Very good. 5 kinds of potatoes (they have over 150), Corn 3 kinds (they have over 1000), Tortillas, cooked spinach salad, cooked fava bean salad, Chuy (guinea pig) Very good like rabbit, and Mate de Coca (Coca tea). Then we got a weaving demo. Carding, spinning, dying, and weaving from the simple to the VERY difficult. And now, we are emailing! Tomorrow we are off to the Sacred vally and then to Machupicchu. It may be a few days before we write again. It will be interesting to see what we each send in these emails.




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