Best Part about the trip

Snorkeling - * important - bring your own mask and snorkel, fins and wetsuit.* - This was the best part of the trip, because you are able to see the other half of the Galapagos. The adolescent sea lions will swim around you in a playful manner. To encourage their play, blow bubbles from out your mask. They will be also blowing bubbles. They will sniff your mask and body very lightly. Important to keep you hands at your sides to not scare them. They are very fast and agile and we frequently played follow the leader and they are leader. Good luck in trying to keep up. You are also able to see boobys diving into the water to catch fish. One booby pinned the fish to the bottom, swallowed it, and pushed off from the bottom to surface. The smaller fish in schools will dart and move away from you just as if you were a big fish.

Sounds - There are sounds that the guide will make to call the animals or birds closer or to show we don't mean a threat.

  • Finches is psssh pssssh psssh
  • seal lions is a inhaling belch
  • baby seal lions is a kissy sound with your lips tightly pursed

No Touching - The hardest part was to obey the rule of "No Touching," but a seal lion came up to Gary and sniffed his hand while we were sitting on the beach. (They can touch you, but you can not touch them.) We saw a very pregnant female with contractions and a different baby with the placenta attached, but no actual births. This species is a cousin of the California Sea Lion.

Hello Mom -

We are having a great time traveling between the islands on the sailboat. There are about 15 people and it is a great group. About half 40 years old and the other half are retired. Half from the States and the other half from England. Snorkeling is the best part of the day. We have swam with green sea turtles, sea lions and lots of fish. We usually snorkel right before lunch.

We are in the town of Purte Arroya, doing the tourist things of buying tshirts and visiting the zoo of tortoises. We have a couple of hours on our own before lunch and a bus trip to the highlands. Tomorrow we hopefully visit the Waved Albatross. It is the most amazing thing to have to step over nesting birds while walking the trails. The fish behave as always, swimming away quickly just like other places. The sea lions will play hours by circling around you. The turtles are cruising slowly by looking for seaweed. You can easily swim with them.

We are seeing the end of our trip approaching and are not looking forward to the long fights home. The trip has been wonderful and as we sit here we still feel like we are rocking in a boat. How long will this sensation last?

Love, Gary and Bindy



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