Day 1

meeting area

Sally Lightfoot crabs

Following a leisurely breakfast, we're picked up at the hotel to return to the airport. Here our guide assists us with checking in for the 12:00 SAN flight to San Cristóbal Island (one stop in Guayaquil en route). We land at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno which is the capital of the Galápagos Islands and the oldest settlement in the archipelago. Disembarking upon arrival, we pass through immigrations where park officials stamp our passports and require entrance fee to the park (US cash only). Outside of this area we meet our naturalist guides and transfer to the boat docks to catch the panga, or dingy, out to our modern yacht. After a light snack, we locate our cabins and settle in. In the afternoon, we visit Isla Lobos, or Sea Lion Island for our first view of a sea lion colony and return to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno for dinner on board the yacht (the crew often has some last minute items to load before beginning our journey). We begin our overnight navigation afterwards.



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